Cooking Bacon Without The Splatter

Cooking Bacon Without The Splatter

This morning I had a craving for some bacon and eggs for breakfast. Is there really anything tastier than some crunchy bacon with some eggs over easy?

eggs and baconBefore I got a quality waterless cookware set I used to fry up my bacon and eggs in my old Teflon coated pan. Besides the teflon coating contaminating my health, the bacon would just splatter all over the place. The glass stove top would be a complete mess not to mention there were many times I wrecked my shirt by getting grease splatter all over the place.

Today that was not a problem. My waterless cookware set comes with something that basically prevents all grease splatter while still letting the air get around the food, keeping my bacon nice and crispy.

My cookware set comes with something called a utility rack. The utility rack fits on top the large skillet on the outer rim and allows the medium lid to fit right on top of it. The utility rack is built in with all these holes that allow for air flow, which equals crispy bacon.

The utility rack and lid keeps all the grease in so I don’t have a mess on the stove or on my shirt.

It seems like a little thing, but when it comes to cleanup this literally saves me a good 5 to 7 minutes where I’m not cleaning up a mess in the kitchen or on myself.

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